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Kanchipuram silk sarees store
203 gauri salai, indra nagar, kanchipuram - 631502
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Silk Sarees in Kanchipuram
The Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are famous across the globe. The glamour of the Kanchipuram silk sarees is in its colour contrasts. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral (buttas) are traditional designs you will find in Kanchipuram sarees. In a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sarees, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the sarees tears, the border will not detach.
Kanchipuram silk sarees are amongst the most superior silks in the world. Thanks to its double warp and double weft.  This enhances the beauty and the value of the silk. Kanchipuram Sarees are also known as Kancheepuram sarees, Kancheevaram sarees and sometimes Kanchivaram Sarees.

We provide the list of Silk Sarees in Kanchipuram and also you can get the complete contact details for Kanchipuram Silk Sarees.
Kanchipuram silk sarees store
203 gauri salai, indra nagar,
Kanchipuram - 631502.
Cell: 096770 63537
Visit Us at: www.kanjivaramsilks.com
New No.36, (Old No.83 B) Nadu Street, Sheikpet,
(Quite Opp. to Taluk Office Police Station),
Kanchipuram - 631 051.
Cell: 094432 56039
Phone. :044 - 27222058, 27222891, 67270577, 67270154
Visit Us at: www.asbabusah.com
Sri Ambha Bhavani Silks
No.32,South Street, Sheikpet, Kanchipuram-631501
Cell: 09894396609, 09380287434
Phone :044 - 27223920, 27232417
No.146, Gandhi Road,
Phone: 044 - 27227686
Email: kancheepuram_smsilks@yahoo.co.in
Visit Us at: www.kancheepuramsmsilks.com
K.G.S. Silk Saree
No.27-A, Nadu Street, Sheikpet, kanchipuram - 631 501
Cell: 099947 50784, 099947 50783, 094433 23872
Shop Ph. :044 - 27223001
Res Ph. : 044 - 27227697
Email: sales@kgssilksaree.com
Visit Us at: www.kgssilksaree.com
No.418- 419, Gandhi Road (Opp.Javulikadi Choultry)

Kanchipuram-631 501
Phone: 044 27231596 / 67271583
Cell: +91 9443331596
Kanchi Kumaran Silks
No.74, P.S.K. St., Kanchipuram
Prop: D.Senthil
Phone: 044 - 67274919
          044 - 62271518
Cell: 94432 63673
S.S.K. Hand Loom World
No.28, Sangusapet St.,
(SSK Lodge inside)
Phone : 044-27235766, 67271512
Mobile : 94437 22677 , 94432 21774.
Email : sskhandloomworld@yahoo.in
Email : www.sskhandloomworld.com
Komathi Silks & Sarees
No.9, West Raja Street, (Opp: S.S.K.V.School),
Cell: 98423 29247
Phone: 044 - 27229247, 27221993
Email: sales@komathisilks.com
Visit Us at: www.komathisilks.com
Shri Mahaalakshmi Silk House
(Opp Mutheeswarar Temple)

No.440, Gandhi Road,
Mobile:+91 9443260755
Mobile:+91 9443240755
Email:kaanchiramesh@gmail.com, kaanchiramesh@yahoo.com
SKS Hand Loom World
Sri Kamatchi Silks .
No.20, Railway Road (Opp.Aruna Theater),

Kancheepuram-631 501
Phone: 044-2722 0248
Resi. : N0.128, Sammandar Street, Appavoo Nagar, Orikkai.

Shop : No. 87/38, Vallal Pachaiyappan Street, (Upstairs) Kancheepuram-1
Phone: 044 - 27236026
Cell: 94446 61417, 94431 46026
Old No.457, New No.218, Gandhi road, Kanchipuram - 631 501.

Phone: 044 - 27222275
Cell: +91 - 90035 10873
Shree Bhagavathy Silks
No.8-B, Nethaji Street, Vedachala Nagar,

(Near Park) Kanchipuram-631 501.
Contact Person: V.Thanu
Contact Number: 044 - 27238396
Mobile: 98942 91236
Shree Ramkumar Silks Private Limited
No.21A, T.K Nambi Street,

Kanchipuram - 631501.
Mobile: (+91) 9364320774
Contact Number: (044) 27221407, 37205280
Email: srsilks_kpm@yahoo.co.in
Somasuriyan Silks (Jayadevi Silks)
Gandhi Road

Kanchipuram-631 501
Mobile: 9952112272
Chinni Fabric Silk Sareers
New No.41 Sangusapet
Contact Number: 044 - 27221928
Mobile Numer:+91 9380928620, 9364324472, 09940783993
Visit Us at: www.chinnifabric.com
Sri Vadivel Silk Sarees
(Silk Sareers Wholesalers & Manufactures)

No.9L, Villakkadi Koil Thoppu Street,
Contact Number: 044 - 27231793
Mobile Numer:+91 9841660176, 9245261540, 9245134671
 M.Linku Sha Silks, Linku Sha Silks, M.Linku Sha, Munugappattu Dr.Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Silk Hand-loom Weavers Co-op Society Ltd V.H.41, Dr.Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Silk, M.G.R Silks, Co-Op Society Ltd, Society, Silk Sarees Society, Government Approved Society,
Kumaran Silks, Kumaran Silks in Kanchipuram, Kumaran Silks in Kancheepuram, Kumaran Silks Kanchipuram, Kumaran, Kumaran Silks Kancheepuram.
Sree Swamy Silk House, Sree Swamy Silk House A/C, Sree Swamy Silk House Kancheepuram, Sree Swamy Silk House Kanchipuram, Swamy Silk, Swamy Silk House, Silk AC Showroom in Kanchipuram.
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Lakshmi Silk, Lakshmi Silk Sarees, Lakshmi Silk Sarees in Kanchipuram, Silk Sarees, Silks, Silk Saree.
Krishna Sarees
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